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Collaborative brainstorming using sticky notes

Collaborative brainstorming using sticky notes is a method for holding productive meetings to collaboratively develop ideas. A session begins with participants taking a few moments to write ideas on sticky notes. These notes are then categorized and discussed by the group. It's a great method, but not without flaws. Flaws that our application addresses.

Having all information on the computer lets you hook up a projector so that everyone can see what is going on. It also lets you easily save your work afterwards.

Digital advantages

Group notes into categories. Assign different colors to notes. Add axes to provide additional meaning and points of reference. Export the results as formatted text or just print the information as shown on the screen.

Sticky Brainstorming Client

Submitting ideas wirelessly

Participants with Macs can use our dedicated client to wirelessly send in virtual sticky notes to the session host. Using Apple's Bonjour technology, no configuration or setup is required as long as each computer is on the same WiFi network.

Sticky Brainstorming on iPhone

Start your iPhones

Participants with iPhones can also use them to send virtual notes using our free iPhone client, now available on the iOS App Store.